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The reason why people need hope and why people may advise you to “hold onto hope,” yet each of us will interpret this advice differently can be complex.

Fritznel D. Octave, author of Haiti: Between Pestilence and Hope, presents how hope is valuable in our lives. In the book, readers are shown the power of hope and how it makes people do good things. Thanks to hope, Haitians remain creative, mysterious, generous, resilient, and brave despite the bad stuff.

So, what exactly is the reason why hope is something that everyone needs? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today!

Defining Hope: Explaining What It Actual Is

A positive belief and feeling is hope. Since there is trust, it provides peace. It serves as a reminder that joy can return and this difficult time isn’t permanent. Humans require hope to not only survive but also fully experience life. That is why having hope is so crucial. 

But to keep our hopes strong, we must also exercise that muscle. Even if some people are generally more inclined to hope than others, none of us are born with it.

What hope is not, however, is a sentiment that everyone has on occasion. It can be difficult for some people, as we’ve already indicated. As a result, we must consciously decide to live in a way that includes hope. We must access our reservoir of hope and cultivate a way of life and routines that support it.

Genuine hope is not merely a fleeting emotion, like enjoyment. That moment of optimism is not present now. Instead, it is the core of our soul—having hope. Throughout all the ups and downs we encounter in this life, we have hope for something more than a fleeting moment and all seasons.

What Makes Hope So Valuable?

There are various pursuits in life that we aspire to do. We have three hopes in life: prosperity, happiness, and good health. But why is hope so crucial? How does it affect us? And how can we ensure we never lose hope despite everything life throws at us?

Hope serves as a constant reminder that everyone does belong together in a society that frequently feels fractured and polarized. Instead of highlighting our differences, the flame highlights our similarities. In this sense, hope gives us the willpower to persevere despite challenging circumstances.

The reasons people need hope are extensively highlighted in Fritznel D. Octave’s book, Haiti: Between Pestilence and Hope. When there might not be possibilities, hope helps us perceive them. It is the tunnel’s brightness and the cloud’s silver lining. We would feel lost without hope. But if we have hope, we can go through anything.

The reason why hope matters is because it helps us get through the most difficult times.

What Does Hope Do for Us?

Hope is a low-hanging fruit theme for politics and popular culture. A recent US president ran his campaign because he was from Hope. But studies in science are now starting to show the value of hope. Greater levels of hope are linked to better coping, well-being, and taking part in healthy activities among adolescents with chronic illnesses.

Additionally, it guards against suicide and despair. Hope is associated with youths’ self-esteem, feelings of purpose, and quality of life. It is crucial for fostering both resilience and adulthood.

Fortunately, these advantages continue throughout older life, when the likelihood of disaster increases. Our bodies let us down. Life’s setbacks may occur, such as losing employment, relationships, or family members.

Later life can be seen as a moment of self-consolidation and acceptance if our early struggles are so frequently tied to developing and growing up to become healthy people. Despite the many changes for the worse in our circumstances and a steadily declining body, we can continue to hope.

Why People Need Hope Is Because It Makes Us Happy

A vital aspect of our well-being is hope. Can we do anything if there appears to be a shortage? We may begin by being grateful first. Taking a moment each day to reflect on all the blessings in one’s life can have a significant impact. This is why people need hope.

If you want to cultivate hope, Fritznel D. Octave’s book, Haiti: Between Pestilence and Hope, is an excellent way to start. Grab a copy of the book today, and don’t forget to read some of our other blogs and get a brief history of Haiti!

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