About the Author

Fritznel D Octave

A veteran journalist born and raised in Haiti, Fritznel D. Octave lives in the United States but stays actively involved to broadcast the overshadowed and undermined history and stories of Haiti. His work depicts his perspicacious approaches, extensive research, and deep understanding of human psychology. Octave’s other professional activities include speaking, leadership development coaching, and training.
The Story Behind the Story “As a native of Haiti, I wrote this book not only to present a different narrative than what the world is mainly exposed to about the country but also to convey to Haitians in particular that a better future is possible if they work together and hard enough for it. The illustrious Slave Revolution of 1804 is exceptionally recorded in history books and remains to these days a solid proof of what Haitians are capable of through unity and commitment to change. Additionally, looking at the great accomplishments of Haitian immigrants and their children in various fields, particularly in North America and Europe, I strongly believe that Haiti’s many challenges can be overcome if Haitians work together.” Fritznel Octave